Traveling is one of the best things we can do in our life. As the famous phrase says: it’s the only thing we spend and makes us richer! There are so many experiences that we can live knowing other places and other cultures that every penny is worth.


In addition to the tourist attractions and natural beauty of the place, gastronomy can also be a great attraction when we choose our next destination, and that’s what we’re going to talk about in our blog post today.


Before we talk about the best restaurants for you to visit when visiting Dubai, let’s talk a little about the gastronomy of the most famous Arab Emirate in the world. As Dubai is an extremely cosmopolitan place, here you will find dishes and restaurants that represent the cuisine of practically all countries. However, the local cuisine, known as Emirati, also deserves to be enjoyed by visitors!


Typical Dubai cuisine

Contrary to what many people think, Emirati food and Arab food are different things. The basis of typical Dubai cuisine consists of fish, meat and rice, with sweet dishes for breakfast.


Arabic coffee and dates are indispensable, and coffee (which contains saffron and cardamom, in addition to being very weak) can be served before meals. In addition to this base, chickpeas – or Dungaw – are also a very common ingredient in Dubai cuisine.


Some traditional dishes from the region are Balaleet, Chabab and Khamir. Balaleet is a type of sweet noodles mixed with eggs and spices, served for breakfast, as is Khamir – which is a type of bread served with cheese. Chabab, on the other hand, is a pancake served with date molasses.


One of the best places in Dubai to enjoy local cuisine is the Sheik Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding. There, you will not only experience traditional Emirati cuisine, but you can also enjoy the culture, tradition and religion of the city.


In addition to the Centre for Cultural Understanding, restaurants like Aseelah, Logma, Seven Sands, Al Fanar and Siraj also offer experiences focused on Emirati cuisine and you can visit them while you are in the city. Some present a more contemporary reinterpretation of traditional Dubai dishes, but without a doubt all are worth the visit.


Best Dubai Restaurants

Now that we’ve talked about the restaurants that offer traditional food in the city, we’ll talk about the best restaurants in Dubai. The vast majority of them are located inside hotels, since it is not allowed to serve alcoholic drinks outside them. We have chosen five hotels with restaurants that we consider fantastic for any visitor!


Atlantis The Palm Hotel


This famous hotel offers two dining options: Ossiano, Mediterranean food overlooking the hotel’s aquarium and Nobu, a Japanese fusion famous for its London, NYC and Miami units.


Burj Al Arab


The world’s first 7-star hotel is a unique experience in itself, but enjoying an incredible meal at that hotel is worth it. For those who want to enjoy the view and international cuisine, Al Muntaha is the perfect choice. For those who prefer to taste good seafood seeing the fish in a super aquarium, the right choice is Al Mahara. For Arab food fans, try Al Iwan and if you prefer Japanese food, there is also Junsui. In addition to all these options, you can also enjoy good drinks at the Skyview Bar!


Burj Khalifa


The tallest building in the world also offers an incredible restaurant option for you to discover. Atmosphere is on the 123rd floor of the Burj Khalifa and specializes in international food, in addition to offering spectacular views of the city in a pleasant environment.


Grosvenor House Dubai

This hotel is home to the famous Buddha Bar Dubai. It maintains the characteristics of all Buddha Bars in the world, with that giant Buddha decorating the lounge, quality Asian fusion food and turns into a ballad after midnight.


Armani Hotel

Finally, the Armani Hotel has three options that you can choose: Armani Mediterranean for lunch; the Ristoranti Armani for a good Italian dinner; and Armani Amal, also for dinner, but with an Indian menu for you to enjoy.

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